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One Happi pouch will last you 400 washes (that’s 25c per wash!). With 100% organic ingredients, it outperforms Australia’s leading laundry detergent brands.


Designed to be used with the Happi Earth stainless steel refill bottle, simply fill the refill bottle from your large refill pouch, then use two pumps from the refill bottle in each wash.

Changing the way you do your laundry and ditching the 13 plastic bottles of laundry liquid the average household uses each year will help to make a change to this planet we call home. 

What’s more, you’ll be saving 60% on your annual laundry costs with this highly concentrated laundry liquid. Wash Happi with Happi Earth!



Organic soapberry nut super-concentrate
The Happi super-concentrated soapberry extract has superb cleaning qualities, is hypoallergenic and has been used in Aruvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat such skin problems as eczema & psoriasis. 

Organic vegan glycerine
Happi uses an organic bean glycerine as a natural fabric softener that also helps to dissolve soils without leaving a residue

Organic sugar cane ethanol
A tough stain remover with degreasing properties that is effective on difficult to remove stains such as coffee and grass.

Organic Essential oils
The combination of organic orange & eucalyptus essential oils in Happi add a pure uplifting aroma that contain natural antibacterial and disinfecting properties.

Free from

Animal testing, All synthetic surfactants, Synthetic preservatives, GMO enzymes, Ammonia agents, Butyl Ethers, Chlorine bleach, Phospahets, Zeolites, Synthetic fragrances, Artificial colours, Synthetic preservatives, Fillers and unnecessary amounts of water.


Front loader: Place Happi directly into the dispenser. 
Top Loader: Dissolve Happi in water then add to the load for best results. 
Just 2.5ml/a half a teaspoon or two pumps from the Happi refill bottle. 
This amount has been calculated for an average washing load of around 8kg.